4 Tips to resolve imbalance hip

Last time at the Slimum® Case Sharing we talked about back pain caused by the change of spine curvature during pregnancy. Our pelvis is the foundation of spinal function. Due to habits in how we stand, sit or walk, for example standing with your weight on one side of the leg can cause pelvic rotation. A rotated pelvic causes a rotated spine. When the spine rotates, it causes muscles on one side of the spine and pelvis to become tighter than those on the other side. This often causes back pain and neck pain.

The mum from Slimum® Case Sharing had side bent and rotated spine, there is a larger crease on her left side than on her right side with her spine rotated to her right and her paraspinal muscles along the right side are thicker than those on her left. A 10-session massage therapy has improved her condition tremendously and bring relief to her pain.

We may never be totally symmetrical, small efforts in correcting the following 🔅habits🔅 goes a long way to improve our posture and eliminate back pain.

🔅When sitting, centre yourself and not lean on any one side.🧘‍♀
🔅Avoid uneven weight-bearing activities such as carrying a child on your hips.🤹‍♀
🔅If you are a side sleeper, sleep on both sides evenly and not on just one side.😴
🔅Do not stand with one knee bent and one knee straight.👯‍♀

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