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Our slimum®️ Treatments effectively reduce abdominal fats, improves muscle separation (diastasis recti) and reshapes the body back to pre-pregnancy shape.

6 reasons for choosing Restoring Mums:
🔸Effective & Measurable Result
🔸Customised Treatment
🔸Pure Bodywork
🔸Natural & Organic Products
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☀Summer Promotion First Time Trial $980* (60mins/original price $2,320)
Get an extra 45mins Breast Lymphatic Wellness Treatment at just $250!
*Offer valid till 31st July 2020
*Home service. Transportation charge applies.

📱 Connect with us today to see how slimum®️ treatment helps restore postpartum body shape from a wellness perspective. message us at 852-67073433 or inbox us.

【Summer Promotion】 Lose the Mummy Tummy this summer with slimum® X

Summer is at the corner! slimum® X Treatment is here to help get you back your pre-baby body and fit in your pre-baby summer outfits again!👙
slimum® X Treatment is a treatment designed for 🤱🏻new mums and especially for 👩‍👧mums who delivered for years and still can’t rid off the postnatal pouch. Stagnated fats, the unwanted fats brought by pregnancy and accumulated at the abdomen, waist and love handle, are hard to get rid of just by exercise or diet. slimum®Treatment is more than just slimming, it rehabilitates the body inside for a rejuvenated and beautiful looking outside. We combine tried and proven holistic techniques with scientific understanding of the biology of a woman’s body for postpartum recovery; from proper administering of 👐🏻hand techniques in massage, 🌿patented masque formulations that 🤰🏻proper abdominal binding techniques to support and realign the pelvic. Yes, our treatments go beyond what machine based slimming treatments can provide. 💃🏻Join thousands of women who have benefited from this treatment and give yourself a chance for a whole-restored you!

🤩Summer offer – slimum® X Treatment
HK$19,998 for 10 sessions
Free sessions (a total of 13 sessions)
🎁Free summer gift (while stock lasts)

📲Connect with us today to see how slimum® treatment helps restore postpartum body shape from a wellness perspective. Message us at 852-67073433 or inbox us.

【🏡Transportation charge 50%OFF* 】Restoring Mums – Your home treatment expert

With the current outbreak of Covid-19🦠, mums are cautious about going out to crowded places to prevent the risk of being infected. We are doing our part to offer a 🚘50% discount on transportation charges for your home treatment service during this season*.

Restoring Mums provide professional home service massage treatments. We have stringent criterias for therapist serving you which includes the following :
🔸Have not been to Mainland China since 1 January 2020 till present
🔸Temperatures are recorded daily to ensure no fever.
🔸Therapist will replace a new face mask upon reaching your premise and mask to be worn through the entire treatment
🔸Our trolley bag will be disinfected by isopropyl alcohol (IPA) before entering into your premise.
🔸Hands, clothes and bags will be disinfected with isopropyl alcohol before entering into your premise.
🔸All massage utensils will be disinfected before and after treatment.
🔸No respiratory disease symptoms

Have your slimum® Treatment with ease of mind and be pampered and restored by professional hands brings back confidence to your body.
*Valid for treatments arranged from now until 31st March 2020. Dates may change without prior notice.
*For slimum®Treatments and valid for all transportation charges above $200 per day only.
*50% off for transportation charge – not applicable for outlying islands.

Be body confident. Contact our slimum® Consultant to book your treatment now.


Receive up to HK$500 Restoring Mums Vouchers when you book your treatments in advance :

3 months in advance – HK$200
4 months in advance – HK$300
5 months in advance – HK$400
6 months in advance – HK$500

Vouchers can be used to purchase Restoring Mums products.

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