Enjoy our Signature Massages for FREE in October 🍂

10 sessions slimum X (60-mins)


(Normal Price $23,200)

FREE 5-Restoring Mums Mini-Signature Treatments (15-mins)

🎁 Warming Ginger Head Massage

🎁 Breast Massage Treatment*

🎁 Warming Foot Reflexology for Feminine Wellness

🎁 Tension-relief Hands and Arms Massage

🎁 De-stress Shoulder and Chest Massage

* Choose from :

For lactating mums – Hot Compress Massage for Lactation

For Non-lactating mums – Natural Breast Enhancement and Firming Treatment

Note : 

1. For treatments scheduled in October only

2. Mini treatments are 15-mins sessions and will be added to the existing 60-mins slimum X Treatmpent making it 75-mins.  This package would entitle for 5 x 60-mins sessions and 5x 75-mins sessions. 

3. Treatments are home service, transportation charges apply.  

4. All rights reserved by Restoring Mums Limited and promotion details may change without prior notice. 


Receive up to HK$500 Restoring Mums Vouchers when you book your treatments in advance :

3 months in advance – HK$200
4 months in advance – HK$300
5 months in advance – HK$400
6 months in advance – HK$500

Vouchers can be used to purchase Restoring Mums products.

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