1. When can I start my treatment?

For natural delivery, treatment can commence anytime, two weeks (ie 3rd week, 4th week etc) after delivery.

For C-section delivery, anytime 5 weeks after delivery to ensure wounds are well-healed with no pain or infection. If your wound is still painful, please wait till the healing is complete. On most occasions, our C-section clients usually start their treatment around 4-6 weeks postpartum.

2. When do I book my slimum®️ Treatment ?

We normally advise you to book your treatment 3 months in advance before your delivery date to ensure schedule availability. We offer early bird gift when you book 6 months in advance of your delivery date.

Our friendly Customer Service Consultant would be happy to assist your booking, kindly enquire by WhatsApp +852 6707 3433 or email [email protected].

3. How do I book my slimum®️ Treatment ?


We just need a couple of your information such as name, contact number, email, delivery due date and your chosen slimum®️ package. A $3000 booking deposit is required for confirmation. You can book your treatment online or Whatsapp 67073433 to contact our friendly Customer Service Consultant to assist you.

4. What if I can’t confirm my delivery date or due date when booking my slimum®️ Treatment?

We understand we can’t predict the exact baby’s arrival date so we do not fix your exact treatment dates upon booking. Treatment dates will be arranged once you have delivered your baby.

5. I can’t decide which slimum®️ Treatment package to go with!

If you’d like to focus just on your tummy area you can choose slimum®️ TUMMY Treatment and if you’d like to address concerns such as thick back fats, cellulite on thighs, edema on feet, relieve lower back ache, neck and shoulder tension, then the total body rejuvenating slimum®️ BODY Treatment is recommended.

Our friendly Customer Service Consultant would be happy to take you through our recommendations for you. Kindly enquire by WhatsApp +852 6707 3433 or email [email protected]

6. How many sessions should I choose?

We recommend 10 sessions for best effect. If you’ve not put on too much weight (less than 12 pounds during pregnancy) you may opt for 5 sessions. If you’ve put on more than 12 pounds and have gone 2 sizes bigger than your pre-pregnancy size, you may consider 15 or 20 sessions. If you’d like to maximise your body restoration after baby, 20 sessions are recommended.

7. I have very sensitive skin, what if I develop an allergic reaction?

Over the years, we have taken skin sensitivity and mums with eczema into consideration when formulating our products. We have very, very low reported cases of allergic reactions to our masques or oils products. Occasionally due with heat and binding, it may cause rash to appear due to excessive sweat under a compressed binder. In any way, we do have special protocols for allergic reaction.

Our friendly Customer Service Consultant would be happy to assist your additional questions. Kindly enquire by WhatsApp +852 6707 3433 or email [email protected]

8. Are the herbs and ingredients used safe for breastfeeding?

Yes, herbs used for the treatment are safe for breastfeeding, it is mainly herbs you can find in your kitchen such us ginger, galangal (the thai ginger use to make tom yum soup), turmeric (used in curries), fenugreek (ingredient used in breastfeeding teas to boost milk production) and lemongrass (used in south east Asian cooking).

9. When is contraindicated for treatment?

Fever, mastitis, any flu like symptoms are contraindicated for treatment and you should stop your treatment. We will arrange for replacement sessions when you are fully well again.

10. Is there a therapist selection fee?

Yes, normally therapist will be arranged based on scheduling and locations as our therapists travel from home to home. If you need to specifically pick a therapist of your choice there will be a $1,000 fee.

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