Pregnancy Massage by KAREN

Karen is a certified NurtureLife Pregnancy Massage Practitioner. Certified in Australia, her knowledge of NurtureLife Pregnancy complements her vast expertise in post-natal treatments. Each 75-minute session offers pure relaxation and relief from aches and pain throughout pregnancy. Sessions are limited, so make sure you book early.

What is NurtureLife®?

NurtureLife is a holistic perinatal massage therapy method developed by Pregnancy Massage Australia. It uses natural therapy and support techniques for women nurturing new life.

What are the benefits of NurtureLife®?

Regular NurtureLife pregnancy massage helps to support the many changes occurring week to week, allowing the body to adapt throughout pregnancy. The massage focuses on the mother-baby connection to create a warm, safe, and nurturing environment where mums can rest, relax and recharge. The massage assists in relieving many of the common causes of discomfort during pregnancy including:

“A well-supported mum will have a wonderful journey into motherhood.” – Karen Loke, Founder and Practitioner, Restoring Mums

Choose from our massage oils:

1. Young Living Gentle Baby

A beautifully soft and wonderfully fragrant combination of essential oils designed specifically for mothers and their babies. It is a calming blend that helps to soothe tender skin and balance emotions during pregnancy.

2. Young Living Cel-Lite Magic

A deliciously fresh grapefruit blend of specially selected vegetable-based oils that help to relieve water retention in pregnant mums.

3. Certified Organic, Cold Pressed Carrier Oils

These oils contain no GMOs and no petrochemicals. They’re ideal for sensitive skin and are richly moisturising, helping to keep skin smooth and soft. Choose between sunflower seed oil, camellia oil or sweet almond oil.

NurtureLife® Pregnancy Massage (75 mins)

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