Goodbye Mildew

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Mildew or mold which grows in your shower room, especially on your shower curtains is not only an eyesore but might post potential health problem especially to infants and babies with allergies to pollutants. It is advisable to remove the mildew or mold on your shower curtains by sponging them with a bleach solution*. After sponging them, rinse with water, wipe dry and make sure you spread the shower curtains open and let them air dry. Before the cleaning, make sure you open the window or turn on the exhaust fan to ventilate the shower room. You may want to put on goggles and rubber gloves when waging war against the mildew or mold in your shower room.

*Application: 20 ml bleach in 5 ml water; same ratio applied if more solution is needed to clean a larger area

*Use bleach solution with care and keep away from children!!!

Karen Loke – Founder and Practitioner, Restoring Mums在妳的浴室,特別是在浴簾上生長的黴菌或霉不僅礙眼,還可能引致潛在的健康問題,特別是對污染物過敏的嬰兒或幼兒。去除黴菌或霉,最好是用海綿以漂白劑溶液*洗擦浴簾。洗擦後,用清水沖洗乾淨並擦乾,再確保把浴簾攤開,讓它風乾。在清潔之前,請確保妳已經打開窗戶或打開抽氣扇,令浴室可以通風。在妳的浴室去除黴菌或霉時,妳可能要戴上護目鏡和膠手套。



Restoring Mums創辦人和治療師Karen Loke

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